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Teaching Services

PASACAT holds beginning and intermediate classes for children ages 7 to 18.  Company classes are held for advance apprentices and Company members.  

 Students are prepared for PASACAT’s main productions:  Junior Concert held in May, Parol Festival held in December and the Biennial Extravaganza held every even year in September/October.  New students are accepted in January, June and September.   

To register for the classes complete the Registration Form and a PASACAT Representative will contact you.
Teaching Residencies - Dance

Highly skilled lead Company Dancers will teach an exciting range of classes for non-students to professionals in short or long-term residencies. The most popular dance requested is the tinikling bamboo dance for which students can perform for their own school assembly, or teachers can provide a course study on geography and culture.

PASACAT Rondalla Close Up Juliet Sangalang, Cody Goniea, Lupe Macario, Benji Goniea
Teaching Residencies - Music

With various instruments from Mindanao and Northern Luzon, students and teachers can discover the Philippines through the study of the brass and string instruments. The percussive instruments from the indigenous tribes makes for a rhythmic experience.

PASACAT Philippine Dance & Performing Arts Company
Lecture Demonstration

PASACAT offers informative and entertaining programs, which explain the history, geography and people of the Philippines as represented through the diverse music, dance and dress styles.

Maria Clara Suite - PASACAT Extravaganza
Folk Arts Resource

Since 1970, PASACAT has compiled an extensive collection of costumes, instruments, books, recordings and music which can be utilized for research projects, study and visual display presentations as PASACAT’s Museum on Wheels.

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